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The purpose of Project Trajectory is to put forth and test a concept we call “selfless sufficiency”, which we believe may address two growing societal concerns:

  • The growing percentage of Americans who are unable to make ends meet and/or cover a $400 emergency expense.

  • The decline of civic engagement by individuals within their community.

Through our pilot program, we will determine if, to supplement their monthly income needs (sufficiency), an individual will accept financial assistance with the understanding that in exchange, they commit to civic engagement (selfless).

Within the context of this pilot program, the term “civic engagement” will mean engaging in an act or acts which improve the circumstances of someone else’s life or the condition(s) of the individual’s community.

For the pilot program, Jenny’s Gift will be targeting individuals living in Southern Arizona, with a focus on those who reside in the cities of Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley.

Executing the program will be a 5-step process:

  1. Jenny’s Gift will offer a candidate full or partial payment of a monthly bill or reoccurring  expense, up to $300.00 in value, for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months. In exchange, the candidate must commit to performing at least one (1) act of civic engagement per week.

  2. The monthly bill or reoccurring expense Jenny’s Gift agrees to partially or pay-in-full must be payable directly to a third-party, on behalf of the program recipient. Jenny’s Gift will not submit payment to the program recipient directly.

  3. Per the terms of the program agreement, Jenny’s Gift will provide on their website a form that seeks to garner specific information from the program recipient each week.

  4. Per the terms of the program agreement, the recipient will be asked to complete and submit a report each week. This may be done by phone or via the Jenny’s Gift website.

  5. Jenny’s Gift will audit the program recipient submitted reports each week.

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