Expand the circle of prosperity for individuals.


I am committed to closing the revolving door of poverty for low income families by providing emergency financial assistance when they need it most.

At Jenny’s Gift, our hope is to expand the circle of prosperity for individuals. To that end, we designed Jenny’s Gift to catch people before falling into financial catastrophe, and for those individuals and families stuck just below the poverty line, lifting them up.

My goal is to reduce the stigma of asking for help. Requesting financial assistance shouldn’t include an unnecessarily long and complex application process. I believe people when they say they need help, which is why Jenny’s Gift requires the individual provide only basic demographic information and details unique to their current financial emergency to do so.

Expanding the circle of prosperity for individuals also means strengthening local communities. To achieve this, Jenny’s Gift asks it’s participants to commit to the Gift of Service as a means for reentry into our program. We encourage individuals to give back to their communities in the manner that best suits them, their schedule and their abilities. It can be something small and immediate, like helping a family member or friend today, or something grand and long-term, like becoming a volunteer for a local nonprofit organization tomorrow. Beyond that, the what and when is for them to decide, because at Jenny’s Gift, it’s not what or how much you give that matters, only that giving matters to you!

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Craig Gray
Co-Founder & Director of Operations

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